Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Share My Stash Update

I wanted to share a quick update on how well this went!  I could hardly believe it.  I had anticipated 10-20 donations and was prepared for that.  I went to bed shortly after posting my giveaway/fundraising attempt to several different sewing Facebook groups.  While I was sleeping my post went crazy!  I checked first thing in the morning and found we had received nearly 70 donations.  I went to work vowing to find lots of boxes and start a list of donors.  Two hours into work and we received close to another 30 donations.  At that point, I posted that I had to stop accepting donations.  Where was I going to get 100 boxes to ship?  How was I going to fit 100 packages in my car?


It took a couple of hours once I got home to sort through all the donations. I also researched alternative shipping options and I decided on shipping in those Priority flexible envelopes.  It will be easier to transport them this way.  So I ordered 100 of these envelopes from the USPS website and they should arrive within the next day or two.  The other thing I decided was that I am going to have to do multiple shipments.  When I was thinking 10-20 donations I knew I could easily handle shipping that, but 100 is going to be way more than I had intended.  So the fabric goodies will have to go out in waves.  Please be patient with me in that respect.  I did get a few envelopes from the post office this past weekend and have started packing up the first orders, which will ship out tomorrow.

The picture above is a fraction of the fabrics I have pulled out ready to be packaged!  I am keeping track of how much is actually going out.  I am excited to see what that final tally will be!  I promise to share that with you all too.

So are you curious as to what our donation total is?


After Go Fund Me and PayPal took out their fees we received a total of...


Can you believe it?!?!?  I know I couldn't when I first added it up.  I am so incredibly blown away by the support of our online sewing community once again.  In less than 24 hours we became 1/10th of the way closer to our adoption goal!  There are some other things in the works that I cannot talk about that are very promising as well.  For the first time since starting our fundraising journey, I feel like I can see the light at the end of this tunnel and the beginning of our adoption journey.  


  1. I know you've got to catch up, and that's okay because I'm in no hurry. I love surprises and as an adoptive mom I want to contribute to your fund. Please post or email when you are ready to accept donations again. Praying for you and your journey! It's a very special one. :)

    1. I absolutely will! This was far more successful than I was expecting, so I definitely want to do it again.


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